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I absolutely believe that an experience in an EWC can only be positive. Both due to the fact that you become familiar with analyses and situations that lie outside your national reach, and due to the fact that you can assess and learn about the different realities of our companies in different countries, and finally because you get a chance to exchange ideas with delegates who, like us, operate in different contexts and production sites both in Italy and in other European countries.

This does not mean that everything is positive, but learning even about negative situations or less known facts concerning our companies is, in my view, an important experience which allows us to better carry out our task as RSU and RLSA.

It is certainly about increasing the capacity for an overall view of complex companies like ours and looking beyond your small garden where we tend to focus on actions that are exclusively directed at our production site without being able to grasp the complexity of a system that needs to consider a series of situations from an economic and strategic point of view and from the point of view of employment.

The cultural, social and economic differences of European countries create a series of difficulties in trying to harmonize the professional world, and they later lead to unreasonable competition in a constant race for fiscally appealing countries or countries where the cost of labor is lower.

Not to mention the labor activities in non-European countries which are even poorer and where interests are much higher.

I think that the next step needs to consider an EWC which needs to look even further in the case of those companies whose operations to a great extent take place in non-European countries. If gaining more knowledge allows us to transfer and use it on the different occasions of dialogue with the company and to better relate to our colleagues, we have taken one small step forward and then we can say that we have carried out our role a little better.

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